Pro Poker Player Turned Marketer Turned Investor...

Wayne's on a crazy adventure to invest in 10 aesthetics businesses (and double them) in 12 months, find out how he does it in his future daily emails (more details below).

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Wayne walked away from his $1m+/year poker career after asking his dog Yoshi for advice...

Was Ranked #1 in Singapore

$1.4m Tournament & $3m+ in Lifetime Cash Game Winnings

In his career, Wayne interviewed or has been interviewed by...

Wayne is a student first, proudly investing more than $1m in Masterminds & Coaching from...

  • Perry Marshall - $55k
  • Dan Sullivan - $25k
  • Tony Robbins - $110k
  • Brendon Burchard $25k
  • Dean Jackson - $20k

And here are 10 (+++) facts you may or may not find interesting:

1. Wayne values function over form (especially in marketing) and thinks 99% of small business marketers get this wrong to choose Niceness over ROI.

2. Wayne lost $2m+ in bad risky ICO investments in 12 months... And the lesson is too much money chasing too few deals is a recipe for disaster. Wayne learned his lesson and skipped the 2022 crypto shenanigans.

3. Wayne "accidentally" became the owner of Kosme Aesthetics and turned it from $2,500/month to $200,000+/month.

4. Wayne also previously acquired a business and sold it at a loss... Where his main lesson was that he's not cut out to be a sub-franchisee.

5. Because Wayne does not like following other people's rules.

6. In his poker times, there were many times that Wayne lost $120,000 - $300,000 in a single day. And the pain can last for days... It's absolutely miserable.

7. Wayne frequently feels lonely as an entrepreneur... Sometimes feeling like nobody understands exactly what he's going through... And goes to India and other places to "soul-search" but still hasn't found his answers...

8. Wayne "yo-yos" with Alcohol, some phases not drinking at all, and other times indulging too much (especially in Red Wine).

9. Wayne has a bit of a temper & lots of impatience (especially for action). If you want to work with him, you better be willing to do the work.

10. Wayne is obsessed with Bouldering but sad right now because his wrist hurts so bad he struggles to reach into his pockets.

Most recently, Wayne has decided to continue writing emails daily.

In his previous daily emails that got 60%+ open rates, Wayne has shared:

  • Business strategies
  • How to flirt with ChatGPT
  • Lessons learnt from growing his aesthetics business from $2.5k to $227k/month in 24 months
  • Crazy stories from his wild poker days
  • and more...

Most of it is too explicit to be shared on a public website, so if you'd like to know how this math nerd, game theory geek and self-proclaimed marketing extraordinaire plans on building an aesthetics conglomerate, join the waitlist and follow him on his adventure.

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